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K. Norman

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland.  He was raised in a family full of love, his experiences with his siblings, and close relatives inaugurated a vision to open a Barbershop that would provide a safe environment where families can spend time together.

Family & Friends Unisex Barbershop was established in 1999.  Mr.  Norman is a licensed barber with over 20 years of experience in Hair Care, Grooming, Business, Customer Service and Management.  Mr. Norman decided that working for someone is not a desired long-term goal, and he took the necessary steps to become an entrepreneur.    

Since 1999 thousands of people have utilized the services provided at the Family & Friends Unisex Barbershop.  Throughout the past twenty years, he has nurtured, mentored, and provided guidance to many young men in the community.   As an incentive, Mr. Norman has implemented a “Good Grades Program” for young men. The program encourages young men to excel in school by achieving all A’s each quarter during the school year, and in support of the student’s achievements, Mr. Norman provides free haircuts.

Family is important, and the Baltimore community is considered an extension of Mr. Norman's family.  Whether it is a basketball clinic for the youth during the summer, a food drive for the homeless, training, mentoring, apprenticeships or family-oriented activities in the barbershop, under his leadership, Family & Friends Unisex Barbershop has become a staple within the community.

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