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Updated: Feb 23, 2020

In 1999, Family & Friends Unisex Barbershop is established, Keith the Barber had a vision, and a dream.  A dream to be an entrepreneur, a businessman, the owner of a barbershop. Keith was tired of working for “The Man.” Tired of working on “The Man’s” clock. And that is when Keith got on his grind… He courted around to several banks to obtain a bank loan, and it was hard.   Loan officers did not see Keith’s vision, some even laughed in his face. Oh! Let’s not forget the Nah Sayers… You know the people who do not believe in the dream, the people who say you can’t make it happen.   But, through the grace of God, a door opened, and an opportunity to lease a commercial space on Patterson Avenue is presented. Without hesitation, Keith jumped right on it, signed on the dotted line, and the Family & Friends shop is born.

Throughout these amazing 20 years, many talented barbers and hairstylist have elevated to becoming entrepreneurs. The teamwork and family vibe are evident every time you walk through the door.  There is always a good time to have at the shop, whether the conversation is about politics, money, family, relationships, community, there is always a good time to be had at the shop. Our loyal customers cannot be beat, without them, the Family & Friends Unisex Barbershop would not exist.

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